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Public Relations and Media Unit

The Public Relations and Information Unit is one of the vital units at the Common First Year Deanship. It works on strengthening and enhancing the deanship's relationship with its internal and external stakeholders. It consolidates the positive concepts about the Common First Year Deanship and its prestigious scientific and social activities. It strengthens relations between the deanship and the surrounding community and presents the deanship properly in all forums and events.
In the Public Relations Unit, we are keen to build strong relationships with all the spectrums of the deanship's stakeholders, both internally and externally. The unit seeks to highlight the appropriate image of the deanship, its officials, its achievements and future projects, and gain the trust and respect of the various entities that deal with it.
We will also work on strengthening relations between the deanship's administration and its departments, enhancing social communication between them, and supervising the organization of conferences, symposiums, scientific forums and events.
The Unit has competent employees mindful of achieving its objectives and working with a clear vision in the spirit of one team. The unit members will, Allah’s willing, provide distinguished services of high quality through communication between the university and the various public and private sectors, by building bridges of cooperation that contribute to the dissemination of the deanship's mission and its stated objectives, including the construction of academically qualified cadres armed with faith to serve the religion, King and homeland.
It is with this vision that the Public Relations Unit, Common First Year Deanship seeks to keep up with the achievements and academic movement at King Saud University, and exerts every effort to maximize professionalism. To this end, the unit created a professional site to connect with you around the clock in order to serve you and fulfill the university senior management aspirations. We hope, Allah’s willing, that this website enables us to communicate with all beneficiaries to achieve the improvement and development that we aspire to, Allah’s willing.

MR. Saud bin Sultan Al-Subaie
Public Relations and Information Unit Supervisor


Unit Description

The unit is one of the service entities supported by the of the Common First Year Deanship, under the direct supervision of the Dean and is concerned with highlighting the Deanship's true image and its cultural role in the development of community.

Unit Objectives

1.    Raising the community's awareness of the vision, mission and objectives of the deanship.
2.    Ensuring open communication channels between the deanship and the beneficiaries.
3.    Maintaining a closer relationship between the deanship and media outlets.
4.    Planning and working to build a positive mental image of the deanship (internally/externally).
5.    Active participation in (religious, national, cultural and social) events in order to promote values.

Public Relations and Information Unit Duties

1.    Implementation of the deanship's plans regarding the Public Relations and Information Unit.
2.    Hosting delegations and guests visiting the deanship.
3.    Communicating the deanship's news and activities to media organizations.
4.    Organizing the Common First Year Deanship visits and events.
5.    Prepared time media plans such as meetings, conferences and forums.
6.    Securing publications, handouts and information posters for interested parties.
7.    Supervising the deanship's website and coordinating with the relevant entities.


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