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Development & Quality Unit

The Common First Year seeks to provide high quality educational, research and community services in accordance with the national and global standards, which affirm its distinctiveness and support its mission and strategic objectives to achieve global leadership and excellence.
The Common First Year is committed to the continuous development, improvement of academic performance levels and research excellence in order to achieve its mission and strategic objectives that are derived from the university's objectives approved in its strategic plan KSU2030, which is consistent with the vision of Saudi Arabia. 
In addition, the deanship enhances the creativity and excellence of faculty members, and seeks to enhance the capabilities of its students and the quality of its educational outcomes. Moreover, it provides its students with the basic knowledge and skills, and develops their critical thinking, analysis and creativity skills to achieve scientific and research excellence in a distinct educational environment. The deanship seeks to provide the basic skills in all disciplines utilizing the latest educational methods locally, regionally and globally.
To ensure the effective application of the quality management system in accordance with the international standard requirements (2015: 9001.ISO), the deanship is committed to serving all society segments by building communication bridges, holding local and global partnerships, applying all legal and regulatory requirements, reviewing the academic, and administrative quality objectives, and continuously improving the academic and administrative quality management system.

Professor Mohammed Mahmoud Fajal

Development and Quality Unit Supervisor

CFY Representative at KSU Development and Quality Deanship

Unit Description

The unit is one of the Common First Year service entities under the direct supervision of the Development and Quality Vice Dean. It is concerned with planning and monitoring the quality of the deanship processes and practices, conducting studies and proposing the necessary development programs.

Development and Quality Unit Objectives

1.    Maintaining the continuity and consistency of the quality culture among the deanship's employees.
2.    Ensuring the quality of the academic and administrative processes and practices of the deanship.
3.    Preparing and achieving the deanship's strategic plan and verifying its performance indicators.
4.    Motivating the deanship's employees to compete in the quality works excellence awards competitions.

Development and Quality Unit Duties

1.    Implementing the deanship's plan in relation to the Development and Quality Unit.
2.    Participating in the development of the deanship’s quality policies and procedures. 
3.    Disseminating the quality culture among the deanship's employees.
4.    Preparing and implementing the deanship's strategic plan.
5.    Participating in the preparation of the deanship's entities’ annual plans.
6.    Participating in developing the proposals and action plans of the deanship initiatives and projects.
7.    Preparing follow-up reports on the implementation of the deanship's quality management system (ISO-9001: 2015). 
8.    Following-up the surveys of the stakeholders' satisfaction with the services provided by the deanship.
9.    Proposing the formation of task forces in projects proposed by the unit. 
10.    Following-up the excellence awards procedures in the works of quality in the deanship. 
11.     Providing advice and technical support to the deanship's entities in terms of development and quality.
12.     Preparation of the Deanship's achievements annual report.


Staff Unit

 Dr. Muhammad Mahmoud Fajal

Supervisor of the development and quality unit

Tel: 4694544


Office NO#: 2233


Staff Unit

Sumaya bint Abdul Rahman Al-Hamdan

Assisting the head of the development and quality unit

Tel: 8057236


Office NO#: 1F12




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