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A Message from the Vice Dean

Dear students

Welcome to KSU Common First Year. Congratulations on your admission to KSU. May Allah help you achieve your ambitions to the best interest of our country.

Out of KSU belief that students are the linchpin of its success, the CFY draws great attention to raising your awareness and developing your sense of responsibility, punctuality, and discipline. To achieve this, it is recommended to know the CFY vision, mission, objectives, rules and regulations. This will help you take confident and positive steps in your university life.

KSU is keen on providing an attractive environment conducive to creativity and excellence, which plays an important role in preparing competent citizens who contribute to national development. The University has launched a wide variety of initiatives and projects that help students explore their skills and enhance their capabilities and potentials. Do not miss the chance to get engaged in these activities and projects.

Wishing you all the best.

Dr. Haya Mohammed Al Shehri

Vice Dean Women Campus


About the Vice Deanship

It is one of CFY entities that report directly to the Dean. It implements the CFY policy in providing quality education via conducive environment and efficient partnerships that help students develop personal and academic skills for a successful university life while observing the application of KSU rules and regulations.



  1. Promoting creativity and innovation and enhancing students’ capabilities;

  2. Developing self and academic skills required for university life;

  3. Providing an environment conducive to knowledge.


Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Implementing the CFY plan as to the Vice Deanship at the female campus;

  2. Raising students’ awareness about their rights and responsibilities;

  3. Taking part in developing a process to discover gifted and creative students;

  4. Providing extracurricular activities;

  5. Promoting creativity and innovation;

  6. Employing e-Learning best practices;

  7. Taking part in preserving the cultural, academic, and administrative components in line with the Deanship environment;

  8. Maintaining staff efficient performance;

  9. Proposing initiatives to improve performance as to the female campus to the competent authorities.




Vice Deanship Staff:


Dr. Haya Mohammed Alshehri

Vice Dean-Women Campus

Tel:  8057280


Office No:  2E16

Naglaa Mohd. Al-Omran

Vice Dean Office, Director

Tel:  8057203


Office No:  2E14


Amany Khalid Al-Roshoud

Vice Dean Secretary

Tel:  8057282


Office No:  2E12

Muneera Al-Fingan

Vice Dean Secretary

Tel:  8057282


Office No:  2E13



Last updated on : May 17, 2024 1:58pm