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Exam Unit

Thank Allah, the Lord of the two worlds, and prayers and peace upon Mohammad, our guiding and faithful messenger, and his household and companions.
The Common First Year Deanship pays great attention to new KSU students by creating an appropriate educational and academic environment, especially in terms of measuring the achievement level in order to achieve justice and equality among all students.
In this spirit, the Computerized Tests Unit was established and the latest technologies and international practices were adopted in conducting computerized tests in all confidentiality and high professionalism. In addition, accurate scientific standards are applied to ensure, Allah’s willing, the full integration in the tests administration.
The unit and its employees always seek to harness the scourge of physical and human capabilities and abilities to provide all that is required for the students to perform with full mastery and reassurance in tests. We ask Allah to guide everyone to do what He loves and is pleased with.

DR. Abdullah bin Saleh Al-Qahtani
Testing Unit Supervisor


The unit seeks to achieve its strategic objective by applying the best global practices in the preparation and administration of the computerized tests.


An academic unit in the deanship concerned with the creation of technological and technical environment, and the administration of tests professionally to achieve justice and quality according to the scientific standards and foundations.


•    Mastery
•    Professionalism
•    confidentiality

Unit Objectives 

•    Upgrading the level of the computerized testing culture among beneficiaries.
•    Controlling the computerized tests quality according to the state-of-art practices and international standards.
•    Raising the efficiency of the internal testing performance.
•    Achieving justice among test takers.

Unit Duties

•    Adopting and applying global best practices.
•    Supervising and organizing the computerized tests.
•    Coordinating and implementing the computerized tests.
•    Preparing the reports and statistics.


Staff Unit

Dr. Abdullah bin Saleh Al-Qahtani

Testing unit supervisor

Tel: 4694563


Office NO#: G444

Mishal Obaid Al-Harbi

 Unit tests

Tel: 4694563


Office NO#: 2143


Staff Unit

Buthaina bint Abdullah Al-Salhi

Deputy supervisor of the testing center

Tel: 4657301


Office NO#: GE08




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