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Professional programs

The Teaching and Learning Excellence Unit seeks to urge faculty members who present their courses (online) to obtain professional certificates for e-learning practitioners provided by the National Center for E-Learning so that they can be recognized as qualified practitioners. The certification aims to foster confidence in electronic training and teaching and ensures that practitioners acquire the necessary skills in the field according to the highest global standards and best practices.
Professional certificates for electronic teaching and training practitioners include three certificates and each one has two levels: (foundation and advanced): 

  •   OTT

Professional certificate in delivering electronic teaching and training
Public education teachers
Faculty members at universities
Trainers in training sectors

To find out the eligibility requirements for taking the Professional Certificate Test in delivering electronic teaching and training (OTT-) Advanced Level A

•    eLXD

Professional certificate in the design of e-education experiences
Educational designer
Education technology specialist
Teacher and faculty member

•    eLQA

Professional certificate in quality control of e-learning
E-learning quality control specialist
Arbitrator and evaluator of e-learning programs
Educational supervisor and school principal

Requirements and support entitlement controls

Last updated on : May 26, 2024 11:53am