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Computer Skills Course (CT102)


Course Basic Information

Course Title:  Computer Skills
Course Code:  CT102
Course Pre-requisites: None
Course medium of instruction:   Arabic
Course Level: 1st
Credit hours: 3 Hours

Course Topics

  • Basic understanding of’ computers, internet and Microsoft Edge
  • Operating system (Windows 10)
  • Word processing (MS Word 2016).
  • Spreadsheets (MS Excel 2016).
  • Presentation graphics (MS PowerPoint 2016)

Course Main Goal

This course aims to provide students with the basic computer skills: components , operating systems and different practical applications.

Course Objectives

To explore and familiarize students with:

  • Computer basics, components and applications.
  • Different types of computers.
  • The concept of the internet and its applications (e-mail, browsers).
  • Professional document creation, editing and printing.
  • Electronic spreadsheets and how to use them to perform calculations.
  • The appropriate design and display of digital presentations.
  • How to search for information using differenbt sources
  • How to design and develop applications using simple software. 

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Identify different types of computers, components and their uses.
  • Browse the internet efficiently and use all its services such as e-mail, browse educational sites etc.
  • Apply sufficient practical skills to work on Microsoft Office applications (MS Word 2016, MS Excel 2016, MS PowerPoint 2016).
  • Create professional documents, reports, and presentations.
  • Access information from multiple sources.
  • Design and develop applications using simple software.

Course Assessment


Learning Area


Assessment Components


All About Computers, Internet and Microsoft Edge


Mid-Semester Exam

 (Online Exam)

 Operating System ( Windows 10)



Word Processing (MS Word 2016)


Final Exam

 (Online Exam)

Spreadsheets (MS Excel2016)


Presentation Graphics

(MS PowerPoint 2016)



Practical  Continuous Assessment   (PCA)

Classroom Activity


Self-Learning Project

Self-Learning Project




Course Pass

Course Books and References


Course Study Plan


Queries and Complaints 

  • Male students can visit office number G244 for their queries and complaints, or send their queries and complaints to email:
  • Female students can send their queries and complaints to email:
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