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Computer Skills Course (CT101)

Course Basic Information

Course title:  Computer Skills
Course code:  CT101
Course pre-requisite(s): None
Course medium of instruction:   English
Course level: 1st
Credit hours: 3 Hours

Course Topics

  • Introduction to computing and its applications
  • Data communication and backup
  • Data visualization
  • Algorithms and programming
  • Information security

Course Main Goal

This course aims to provide students with the basic skills computer: its components, operating systems and its applications, communication backup and restore. It introduces the knowledge of data visualization, an introductory level of modern era programming including algorithms and information security.

Course Objectives

Students will explore and become more familiar with: 

  • The concepts of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and its applications.
  • The operating systems such as Windows, Android, IOS, Linux, DOS and application software such as Word and Electronic Spreadsheets.
  • The continuous exchange of data between any two parts of the world.
  • Data visualization using different tools and applications.
  • The general programming concepts and related problem-solving strategies.
  • The design and development of applications using simple software/programming language.
  • The basic principles of information security. 

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the peripheral devices, computer system and the different types of software
  • Use text processing tools and spreadsheet programs
  • Understand data communication, the principles of computer networks and the various data storage units with backup and restore
  • Visualize different types of data using appropriate tools
  • Work independently as well as with a group to deliver effective and well- documented software solutions to the problems.
  • Understand the concept of access control and cryptography and to practice important cryptographic mechanisms.

Course Assessment

Assessment components Assessed course materialChapterMarks    

Mid-Semester Exam

(Online Exam)

Introduction to Computing and Its Applications130
Data Communication and Backup2

Final Exam

(Online Exam)

Data Visualization350
Algorithms and Programming4
Information Security5
Classroom ActivityPractical Continuous Assessment (PCA)10
Self-Learning ProjectSelf-Learning Project10
Pass Percentage is 60% Overall

Course Study Plan

Queries and Complaints 

  • Male students can visit office number G244 for their queries and complaints, or send their queries and complaints to email:
  • Female students can send their queries and complaints to email:


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