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ELSD Students Affairs Committee (ELSD SAC)


 Who Are We?

The students Affairs Committee (SAC) provides academic and administrative support to students. The committee deals with students’ complaints and queries in coordination with other committees.


Objectives of the Committee

          Ensuring that all students' rights are preserved.

          Improving the quality of services provided by the department 

          Receiving students' complaints and inquiries and following up with other committees to resolve the complaints. 


Major Responsibilities of the Committee

          Supporting students who are struggling academically by providing support sessions.

          Processing requests for Make-Up exams.

          Processing course equivalence requests.

          supervising the process of selecting sections representatives from students. 

          Processing student request for level upgrading. 

          Processing instructors concerns and inquiries about their sections and liaising with other committees to resolve them, specifically, the ones related to their students. 


Contact us


Committee Chair

Dr. Mohammed Alsubaie

Science Building

Office: 2341

Tel.: 966 114694529 



Committee Secretary

Ms. Heyam Alshareef

Building: 2

Office: GF04

Tel.: ……………………………..….




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