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ELSD Students Affairs Committee (ELSD SAC)

  • ELSD SAC is to develop strategies and policies to provide pastoral care/support for the ELSD students in partnership with the other ELSD Committees.

  • ELSD SAC’s duty is to serve as an advocate, resource and support for the ELSD students by answering their queries, and addressing their concerns and complaints. In addition, SAC resolves ELSD teachers’ complaints against students.


SAC receives students’ complaints via three channels:

  1. Queries Platform via Google Forms

  2. Email

  3. Face-to-Face


In coordination with different committees in CFY and ELSD, SAC conducts the following:

  1. Receiving students' complaints regarding attendance related to ELSD teachers and provide an appropriate resolution. If an absence is recorded due to an error by the ELSD, it gets resolved swiftly.

  2. Receiving students' complaints regarding CA projects, midterm and final exams. This is followed by facilitating the appropriate solutions in coordination with the Assessment Committee

  3. Receiving students’ makeup requests via Da’am, approve them and provide students with day, date, time and venue of the makeup exam.

  4. Receiving students’ complaints regarding the LMS in coordination with the relevant committee.

  5. Receiving students' complaints against teachers. SAC then coordinates with the relevant committee to follow up with these complaints. The relevant committee then provides the feedback to SAC. In addition, the complaints against teachers will be forwarded to Professional Development Committee for assessment and for the appropriate route (disciplinary or professional development) to address the complaint. The feedback on the complaint will be communicated to the concerned students by SAC.

  6. Receiving teachers' complaints against students and resolve them.

  7. Receiving students’ level change recommendations from teachers, transfer them into an excel sheet and forward it to CFY students’ affairs who in turn send that to the Deanship of Admission and Registration to change students’ level.

  8. Creating support sessions for struggling students if needed and mentor them in coordination with ELSD committees.

  9. Liaising with the students’ advisory unit for any other students’ issues.

  10. Receiving students’ curriculum equivalency requests via Da’am and forward them to the Curriculum Committee for their recommendations and receive them back to complete the process by responding to CFY students’ affairs

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:44am