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The Research Committee

Who Are We?

The Scientific Research Committee supports all ELSD in research-related endevours,

 such as research-focused presentations, collaborative research-based sessions, and 

research projects. 


Objectives of the Committee


  • To spread awareness of research culture

  • To support and conduct research-focused activities 

  • To conduct research projects 

  • To publish high-quality academic articles 


Major Responsibilities of the Committee


  • To create database of all ELSD staff’s research interests and experiences 

  • To maintain five reading circles (within the different fields of interests) each

     academic semester for the purpose of expanding ELSD teachers’-research 

    knowledge and to generate research topics, and to cultivate instructors teaching 


  • To explore and announce local/global research events available virtually/in-person 

  • To offer research-based presentations/workshops/seminars 

  • To publish a newsletter showcasing current research trends

  • To offer research consultations upon request

  • To support and supervise researchers with the research projects 


Contact us


Committee Chair

Dr. Ebtesam Abdulhaleem

Science Building

Olaysha Female Campus

Office: 2D02




Committee Secretary

Ms. Shannon Dunn

Science Building

Olyasha Female Campus

Office: 2D12

Tel.: ……………………………..….



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