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Exam and Assessment Committee

Who Are We?


The Exams and Assessment Committee (EAC) is responsible for all assessment and exam 

related matters which ELSD-CFY administers, participates in, or supervises. 


Objectives of the Committee


  • To conduct exam and assessment works (planning, preparation, implementation,

 and supervision of formative and summative assessment works, and publishing of

 final results) with efficiency, accuracy, and integrity for male and female students 

studying English language courses at the Common First Year.

  • To support the department in planning, preparing, implementing, and supervising

 the exams and assessment aspects involved in the language courses which ELSD

 offers to external clients.


Major Responsibilities of the Committee


  • Processing the course credit applications of the students who wish to waive their

 mandatory language courses as program credits by one of the following

 international standardized English tests (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc.) and deciding on

 their eligibility. 

  • Placing fresh CFY students in their appropriate language levels accurately.

  • Planning, developing, and auditing ELSD exams and Continuous Assessment projects.

  • Administering and monitoring exams and continuous assessment tasks.

  • Compiling, auditing and publishing students results.

  • Training staff continuously on the exam duties. 

  • Investigating and processing students’ exam-related queries and complaints.

  • Planning, preparing, auditing, implementing, and supervising Continuous

 Assessment and Exams and the final publishing of the results


Contact us


Committee Chair

Mr. Ahmad Al Ahmad

Science Building

Office: 2325

Tel.: 966 11 4694529



Committee Secretary

MS. Faizah Alzahrani

Female Campus - Science Building

Office: 2B04




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