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Basic Sciences Department

Male Teaching Staff



Dr. Abdulrahman bin Mussad Al-Zahrani

Chair of the Basic Sciences Department


Office No.: 2562

Tel.: 4694509

Dr. Khaled Hilmi Khashan

           Academic and Administrative Affairs Co-Ordinator

Tel : 4694566


Office No#:  2481

Professor Ref’at Abdelsamad Abou El-Gheat Qandeel

Supervisor of the measurement and evaluation unit, and grades of students

Tel : 4694602

Email :

Office No#  2346

Professor. Hamid Al-Oklah

Stat 101 Co-Ordinator

Tel : 4694566

Email :

Office No#  2469


D        Dr. Mohammed Motawi Khashan

            Stat 102 Co-Ordinator

Tel :  4694094

Email :

Office No#  1810

Dr. Amr Mohammed Abdulaty

            Math101 Co-Ordinator

Tel :  4694583

Email :

Office No#  2483

          Dr. Hesham Abdou Abdelaziz Abdelghafar

Development and Quality, Training and Talented Students Co-Ordinator

Tel:  4694564

Email :

Office No#:  1809

DR     Dr. Hesham Mohamed Abdelaal Mohamed

Assistant Professor of Statistics and Differential Calculus

Tel : 4694320

Email :

Office No #  2468

Female Teaching Staff

D        Dr. Ghadah Mohammed Al-Hawael

             Vice Chair of the Basic Sciences Department


             Tel :  8057366

 Email :

 Office No#:  Building 1 - 2A02

D        Dr. Rabab Mohammed Elmorsy Shatat

Academic Affairs Co-ordinator

Tel:  8057195


Office No# :  Building 2 - GE18

 MS : Ohood Jazaa Al harthi

 HT Co-ordinator 

Office No#: Building 2 GE19 

MS     Ms. Manar Mohammed Rabaia

           Stat101 Assistant Co-ordinator

Email :

Office No#: Building 1 - E071  

MS     Ms. Awatef Bunyan Abosubeha

           Math101 Assistant Co-ordinator

Email :

Office No# : Building 1 - E071  

Ms .Hanan Al-Najjar

SC  Co-ordinator

Office No# : Building 12A11 

MS. Yassmeen Sadiq Al-Khuleef

Stat102 Assistant Co-ordinator 


Office No# : Building 2 – GE20 

          MS. Amnah Turki Alzafairi

           Female Quality Co-ordinator & Supervisor of the 

           Outstanding and Talented Female Students Program

Email :

Office No.: Building 1 - E071 

 MS. Ayisha Youness Al-Barrak

Teaching Assistant

Email :

Office No.: Building 1 - 2A03

M       MS. Sarah Abdullah Al-Sahli

Teaching Assistant


Office No.: Building 2 - GE15 

 MS. Rayof Abdullah Al-Skhabrah

Teaching Assistant

Email :

Office No.: Building 1 - 2A03

MS. Nada Ali Al-Shehri

Teaching Assistant

Email :

Office No.: Building 2 - GE09


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