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About the department


A description of the Basic Sciences Department

The Basic Sciences Department is one of the entities in the Deanship of the Common First Year under the direct supervision of the Vice Deanship for Educational and Academic Affairs. It is concerned with providing mathematics and statistics courses to students with the aim of helping them to master the basic skills that qualify them to continue their university studies.

Goals of the Basic Sciences Department

  • Developing students' skills in mathematics and statistics through advanced courses.
  • Developing positive attitudes towards mathematics and statistics.
  • Building positive attitudes towards mathematics and statistics
  • Utilizing various mathematics and statistics teaching strategies to prepare Common First Year students for the university’s colleges.
  • Employing the technology and mathematical tools in the teaching and learning of mathematics and statistics.
  • Preparing and applying standardized tests in terms of content, time and administration.

Duties of the Basic Sciences Department

  • Implementing the plans of the deanship with regard to the Department of Basic Sciences. 
  • Teaching courses: Differential Calculus (Math101), Principles of Statistics and Probabilities (Stat102), Introduction to Probability and Statistics ((Stat 101).
  • Developing the department learning resources so as to provide students with skills, knowledge, and information that enrich their study of academic courses and bring them closer to information sources and communication channels of the knowledge community.
  • Linking the class environment to life and practical problems while encouraging students to propose creative and practical solutions so that they can develop a positive attitude towards mathematics and statistics.
  • Adopting appropriate and advanced teaching strategies such as: cooperative learning, problem solving method, brainstorming, etc. that are based on active learning, dialogue, discussion and focusing on concepts and deduction.
  • Supervising the professional development programs implemented in the department with the aim of raising the efficiency of all faculty members, trainers and employees. 
  • Providing educational content for the students' curricula via the advanced technologies in their teaching, such as computer labs, the Internet, the Blackboard, projectors, smart boards, educational resources available on the Internet, and through the multimedia available on the department's website that engages students in active interaction through its explanations, exercises, assignments and tests.
  • Achieving the maximum benefit from the educational environment to develop the self -capabilities of students and improve academic achievement.
  • Providing continuous, connected, developed and assessment and evaluation methods for the programs offered by the department to students.
  • Presenting periodic reports to the Deanship for Educational and Academic Affairs on the progress of work in the department, and its decisions in accordance with its assigned tasks and the difficulties encountered.


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