Self-Development Skills Department Chair Message

Dear Students,

Peace and blessings be upon you.

The Self-Development Skills Department sends you the warmest regards, and we ask Allah for success and excellence in your educational career.

<<The sky is our limit!!!>>

Out of this conviction, we set out to offer the best educational practices in the courses offered by the Self-Development Skills Department. At present, there are constant changes and developments and we have to keep up with them. We always aspire to excellence, to move towards an effective learning environment through the modern technological applications, and to have a house of expertise that reflects the competence of the faculty members and the like in order to achieve the best results.

In view of the Kingdom’s vision 2030, the Department of Self-Development Skills seeks to achieve the highest standards of excellence in terms of student skills development through investment in education, continuous training that provides our children with the skills they need in their university and future lives. The Department provides quality education in a learning environment that is stimulating for learning and creativity.

This education is based on the Department's courses: University Skills, Entrepreneurship, Computer, Health and Health Education.

These courses simulate the students’ needs inside and outside the university environment by identifying higher level thinking patterns and practising scientific research by using all the possible technological capabilities. Moreover, the courses contribute to developing the students’ computer skills and modern technology concepts, and their learning about healthy behaviors and skills of successful communication with oneself, others and task forces, and the community at large. The courses present the entrepreneurship basics, principles and their practical applications as well

Dear Students

What we aspire to build in our vibrant and energetic youth is a promising future requiring you to be serious, hard-working and benefit from all the Department Courses so that we can contribute to making a remarkable feat in our homeland.

We ask Allah, Almighty, the best for you and our country, and to be effective in building our society and fulfilling our country's vision and aspirations.

Dr. Abdullatif Abdulrahman ALowain

Self-Development Skills Department Chair


 Dr. Abdullatif Abdulrahman ALowain

Self-Development Skills Department Chair