Vice Deanship for Development & Quality

A message from the Vice Dean

Praise be to the Lord of the both worlds, peace and blessings be upon the most honorable of all prophets and messengers, our master Mohammed, and all His household and companions.

As we actively endeavor to improve the quality of the educational process-learning outcome, development and quality concepts have come to be among the main pillars of education. Departing from this conviction, we work on promoting a culture of comprehensive quality and adherence to its standards in both the educational and administrative processes in the Common First Year, in accordance with the vision and mission of King Saud University, which, in turn, reflects the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.

In view of the significant role played by technology in conducting business, the Vice Deanship has been working on on developing electronic systems contributing to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the educational and administrative processes. This will be achieved by keeping up with and applying the state-of-the-art methods and techniques in these technological areas. Moreover, the Vice Deanship is working on developing an empowered cadre by providing support and training to the CFY Deanship affiliates.

We ask Allah, Almighty, for success and good luck.


Dr. Rakan bin Abdullah Al-Sewail

Acting Vice Dean for Development & Quality


About the Vice Deanship

It is one of the supporting entities at the Common First Year, under the direct supervision of the Dean, and is directly concerned with overseeing and monitoring all development and quality activities, training and information technology. It is also responsible for conducting evaluative and research studies on the CFY Deanship and proposing development programs in the academic and administrative fields.



  1. Improving the quality of academic and administrational processes and practices
  2. Improving the efficiency of the academic and administrative deanship affiliates
  3. Realizing the optimal use of technology



  1. Implementing the plans of the Deanship in relation to the Vice Deanship for Development & Quality Assurance
  2. Preparing and implementing programs for disseminating the culture of quality among the deanship affiliates by holding and organizing seminars, lectures and workshops as well as preparing publications, etc.
  3. Supervising and overseeing the progress of the strategic plan of the deanship
  4. Supervising and overseeing the quality management system and providing the necessary support for it
  5. Providing the facilities necessary for all task forces working on applying quality in the Deanship
  6. Continuously collecting data and information on the development and quality activities in the Deanship
  7. Preparing periodic reports on the level of performance, and the stakeholders’ satisfaction with the activities and services provided by the deanship
  8. Following up on the procedures of Excellence Awards in the Deanship
  9. Supervising and monitoring programs to improve the Deanship the efficiency of the deanship affiliates academically and administratively
  10. Offering technical consultations to all units of the Deanship (vice deanships, administrations, departments and units)
  11. Supervising and following up on the support services provided to the deanship affiliates by the Vice Deanship's units
  12. Performing other duties assigned to the Deanship with regard to development, quality, training, and information technology and its application within the deanship




Dr. Rakan bin Abdullah Al-Sewail

Acting Vice Dean for Development & Quality

Tel:  4694040


Office No:  2547