Basic Sciences

Message from the Chair

Dear Students

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Basic Sciences Department and to wish you an academic year full of achievements in which you overcome challenges and surmount difficulties.

The Department aims to produce competent students in mathematics to have them pursue their academic study effectively by helping them master the basic mathematical skills. It also aims to realize the concept of life-long learning by equipping them with self-learning skills and instilling positive attitudes into them towards learning mathematics so that they take pleasure in its enriching activities and different technologies.

The Department administers courses of principles of mathematics to CFY students: Differential Calculus (Math101) , An Introduction to Probability and  Statistics(Stat 101), and Principles to Statistics and Probability(Stat102). E-content of course is delivered through multi-media available on the website. With its interactive explanations, exercises, assignments, and tests, the courses’ content materializes the optimal utilization of the website features to develop the learner’s  self-capabilities and improve cognitive achievement with a view to realizing the strategy of learn till you gain. 

The Basic Sciences Department employs advance technology for the benefit of the students such as computer labs, wireless internet network, projectors, smart boards and the educational resources available on the internet.The Learning Resource Centre in the Department is considered one of the means that provides students with the knowledge and information that enrich the curricula they study, familiarize them with the sources of information and the knowledge community and keep them updated with the latest developments in the world. The Learning Resource Centre has many learning resources such as books and E-materials that go in line with the courses' requirements, the students' needs and interests. It also encompasses many encyclopedias, dictionaries, audio-visual resources such as films, DVDs and discs along with the fun and entertainment offered to students in many challenge and intelligence games.

Self-Learning is an ambitious program adopted by the Department. It aims to provide students with the learning resources that help them self-study, develop their knowledge and skills and  train them on using different educational aids to learn without relying completely on the teacher of the course. Hence, students will be able to develop their abilities independently and enjoy the fruits of self-learning throughout their academic and professional lives.

Chair of the Basic Sciences Department