Conduct & Traffic Violations

Conduct Violations

  • Making derogatory remarks about Islam, KSA, or the University;
  • Smoking inside or around the PY buildings;
  • Coming to the PY with inappropriate dress or wearing bracelets or necklaces( for male students); 
  • Playing cards inside the PY buildings;
  • Writing on walls and inside toilets;
  • Extending hair (for male students);
  • Leaving shoes in unspecified places when entering mosques;
  • Throwing leftover food, drinks, and gum in the corridors and waiting areas;
  • Tampering with equipment of buildings and classes;
  • Taking desks and chairs from classes or buildings;
  • Assaulting (by word or action) on faculty, staff, security men, or students;
  • Sitting on Ping-Pong or billiards tables;
  • Theft or attempted theft ;
  • Opening classroom windows;
  • Writing on or damaging desks and chairs.

Traffic Violations:

  • Wrong parking;
  • Parking in others’ parking place;
  • Parking in the passages between parking places;
  • Parking beside the fences surrounding the building;
  • Parking in front of the neighboring residents;
  • Joy-riding at parks;
  • Unlocking or attempting to unlock vehicle cuffs;
  • Giving parking sticker to somebody else to use;
  • Tampering with others’ cars;
  • Disobeying instructions by security guards;
  • Entering or attempting to enter “only authorized” parking places;
  • Forging parking card