PY Study System

The Study System:

The PY adopts the annual system in which students have to complete all the requirements in one academic year (2 semesters + an exceptional summer semester) with a GPA no less than 3 out of 5. 

Drop, Transfer and Withdrawal:

- In case a student does not complete all the PY requirements in one academic year or if his/ her cumulative GPA is less than 3 out of 5, he/ she shall not be placed in his/ her college;

- Students’ transfer from one track to another shall be considered only by KSU Vice-Rector for Academic and Educational Affairs notwithstanding that transferred students shall restudy the courses of the new track, which results in delaying the completion of the Preparatory Year program;

- Dropping semesters is not allowed.

- Students are entitled to withdraw from the university in accordance with the rules and regulations. 


At KSU, students are admitted in the following tracks:

a. Health Colleges Track: It includes the colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Applied Medical Sciences, Nursing and Prince Sultan College for Emergency Medical Services;

b. Engineering and Science Colleges Track: It includes the colleges of Engineering, College of Computer and Information Sciences, Architecture and Planning, Business Administration, and Food and Agriculture Sciences;

c. Humanities Colleges Track: It includes the colleges of Arts, Education, Law and Political Science, Tourism and Antiquities, Languages and Translation; 

Attendance and Denial: 

-  Students who attend less than 75% of the course classes and tutorials shall be denied from sitting to its final exam;  

-  Students are responsible for tracking their attendance percentage in each course; 

-  Attendance is taken from the first day of the academic semester until the last day before the final exams. 

- Students who come 10 minutes late to class are marked absent and marked late if they come after the first ten minutes;

- Excuses are invalid as they are included in the absenteeism maximum percentage allowed (25%).

- Students have to attend the orientation program because it is part of the study in PY. 


Students will be placed in their colleges by the end of the academic year according to the criteria set by each college and approved by the Admission and Registration Deanship.