ELSD Academic Coordination Unit

Main role of the ACU

To effectively manage approximately over 370 male and female English language instructors in all aspects of the academic related tasks within the ELSD


ACU's Responsibilities

  1. To ensure that academic standards and policies within the Common First Year and ELSD are enforced and maintained by providing support to teachers.
  2. To facilitate clear communication between ELSD management and teachers by conducting regular meetings by academic coordinators.
  3. To support and monitor teachers in course specific tasks in relation to assessment and curriculum.
  4. To monitor and follow up on the performance of teachers in all matters relating to the different ELSD operations but specifically academically related.
  5. To facilitate the PMA system in coordination with the ELSD management in conducting appraisal meetings for an interim and full performance review once a semester.
  6. To follow up on teachers’ under-performance that are related to the academic side and coordinate with teachers and respective units for improvement by formulating action plans that are monitored and reviewed as required.
  7. To support teachers by facilitating prompt resolution of all teacher and student-related issues.
  8. To conduct professional development buzz observations and provide coaching and team-building activities for teachers.
  9. To keep an updated record of teacher’s performance and submit reports to ELSD as required.