Assessment Unit

  • Methods used to assess students’ work
  • Introduction to Assessment:

The Assessment Unit is responsible for the delivery of the Continuous Assessment (CA), Mid-term Exams and the Final Exams which assesses students’ learning and progress throughout the academic year. The Assessment Unit is also responsible for developing assessment policies and procedures for all campuses, creating items for exams and other tests while maintaining and ensuring quality.

  • Types of Assessment:

At KSUPY, we assess our students with various assessment tools and testing mechanisms. Both formative and summative assessment methods are used to evaluate students at KSUPY. Formative assessments are conducted formally and informally by teachers. However, the Assessment Unit provides teachers with tests, and other activities to formally conduct formative assessments. Summative assessment takes the form of mid-term exams, final exams, and speaking exams. These are conducted several times throughout the academic year.

  • Key Assessments:
  • Continuous Assessment Tasks:

Continuous Assessment (CA) is a formative evaluation of students throughout the academic year. In semester one, students take part in several CA tasks and would get graded accordingly. These CA activities are a useful way for students to utilize their newly acquired knowledge and also to be awarded grades for their efforts. CA can come in various forms such as tests, assignments, projects, process writing, in-class participation, etc. Main purpose of CA is to evaluate students in a qualitative way rather than a quantitative way.

CA tasks can last over a few weeks, but conducted once every week. After conducting a CA task, teachers are asked to grade their students, record their students’ grades, show students their grades, and at the end, to return all CA tasks to the Assessment Unit.

  • Continuous Assessment Mark Breakdown:

  • CA Project Overview:
  • 8 % of the total semester mark
  • Topics based on course books
  • Main Tasks:
    • Introduction
    •  Mind Map
    •  Visual Elements
    •  Hand-written Descriptions
    •  Oral Presentation
  • CA Process Writing Overview:
  • 7 % of the total semester mark
  • Topics based on course books
  • Main Tasks:
    • Introduction + Mind Map AND/OR Outline
    • Draft 1 (Content & Form Feedback)
    • Final Draft

                                  LMS Activities: 5%

  • Writing Quiz:
  • The writing quiz is part of the semester work, and is conducted after the CA Process Writing task. The writing quiz requires students to write a script based on provided prompts covering a given theme or topic. The duration of the exam is 60 minutes.

  • Midterm and Final Exams:

Mid-term and Final exams consist of a series of multiple choice questions. However, the final exam contains speaking component which will be discussed below.  The exam is also known as CBT, which stands for ‘Computer-Based Test’.

Speaking Exam:

The speaking exam is a part of the final exam, and is conducted at the end of each semester. The speaking exam requires students to speak based on provided prompts for a set period of time. This exam is normally conducted with a partner for both students and examiners. The duration of the exam is anywhere from 12 – 15 minutes in length per pair.

  • Midterm Mark Breakdown:


  • Final Exam Mark Breakdown: