About the department

English Language Skills 

The English Language Skills Department aims to develop students’ English language proficiency and provide them with the basic language skills required for academic study in their respective specialties in Science and Humanities. Moreover, students are equipped with the language skills required for success in their future career.


  1. To develop the students’ English skills and achieve language proficiency;
  2. To maintain optimal use of English for specific purposes;
  3. To develop the department faculty skills.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To design, develop and implement the framework of English language curriculum that includes General English, English for Academic Purposes, and English for Specific Purposes;
  2. To recruit the best possible English language trainers and prepare them for working in the KSU CFY ELSD program.
  3. To identify the training needs of the department staff and to plan and deliver appropriate training;
  4. To provide trainers’ professional development programs on curricula, teaching, learning and assessment methods;
  5. To invest in and optimally employ information technology and learning resources for teaching and learning, including textbooks, stationery, ICT and ILT (coordination, observation, and encouraging trainers and students to use it);
  6. To develop and administer placement tests, mid-term exams, and final exams, including the facilitation of international language proficiency exams;
  7. To coordinate with the CFY Deanship, Vice-Deanship, departments, and units in relation to the educational process such as student complaints and attendance issues.