About the Advisory Council

Vision: To be the best partner in making creative decisions in King Saud University.

Mission: The Council seeks to engage excellent capabilities among students in the decision-making process, assuming responsibility, and contributing to the development of the educational, academic, and service process with a view to supporting the PY mission and achieving its objectives.


  1. Providing a platform for communication between the PY Deanship and students in a way that improves the educational, academic, and service process in the University;
  2. Seeking students’ views vis-à-vis the PY services, academic and extracurricular activities;
  3. Offering advice to the PY Dean in the fields of interest to students;
  4. Showing cooperation to make the PY the ideal place for gaining knowledge, and the congenial environment for absorbing ethics and values where cordial relations among the staff prevail;
  5. Engaging students to participate in the University activities;
  6. Clarifying details of the measures that students may fail to get their moral.

The Council Document

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