About the Department

Vision: To provide excellent and highly flexible services satisfactory to staff and leading to the achievement of the PY strategy in creating an incentive environment involving staff development.

Mission: To be committed to providing an incentive environment through team work, innovating appropriate solutions, and employing the technologies that facilitate high quality services to the PY faculty, staff, and instructors.


  1. Planning the PY human resources requirements qualitatively and quantitatively by using scientific methods in recruiting faculty and instructors;
  2. Developing staff skills by offering different programs that materialize the PY vision;
  3. Providing a congenial physical and moral working environment through clear policies and procedures according to rules and regulations;
  4. Implementing an objective approach to staff assessment and promotion;
  5. Cementing social ties between staff to maintain team work spirit;
  6. Improving the performance of human elements by increasing productivity through developing their capabilities;
  7. Achieving optimal efficiency of PY staff, faculty, and instructors;
  8. Motivating PY staff, faculty, and instructors for more commitment to work;
  9. Realizing human resources competitiveness of PY staff, faculty, and instructors;
  10. Recruiting the best staff, faculty, and instructors;
  11. Achieving work harmonization to raise efficiency and productivity;

In a nutshell, the PY human resources department’s interest in the human element is manifested in developing his skills and knowledge for fast accomplishment of duties in line with the administrative procedures adopted.