Human Resources Department

The department of human resources is the key element of the PY resources in terms of the impact on the general performance and productivity. One of the most important duties by the department is to build human elements capable of developing the personal and professional skills. The PY human elements including employees, faculty members and instructors, are the primary factor in realizing the PY objectives and achieving its plans. This will be possible only by providing qualified staff, appropriate working environment, and clear procedures organizing work, maintaining its integrity and progress, and continuous professional development. If this is the case, the PY, equipped with the advanced technologies and physical facilities required, can compete in providing the educational, academic, and administrative services at the national, regional, and international levels.

Based on the vital role played by human resources, increasing number of faculty and staff with their job requirements, the PY, represented in its senior management, established a separate department for human resources with a view to developing the administrative and working aspects of the staff through studying their professional requirements and improving human elements by employing new concepts of training, raising the quality of working environment, preparing manuals, creating job description, drawing job tracks, and motivating staff. This will result in improving performance, increasing productivity, and mobilizing capabilities to the best interest of achieving the KSU and PY objectives and staff professional development.

The department of human resources seeks to improve the staff performance through integrating five areas namely education and training, administrative development, job development, practical life, information and research in a way that maintains an attractive and healthy working environment incentive to high quality, creativity and innovation, and competitiveness.

Human Resources Manager

Mohd bin Nijr Al-Otaibi