About the Department

Vision: To give a leading example for constructive media and excellent human relationships in the educational and academic institutions.

Mission: To produce purposeful educational media through team work and excellent human relationships, build media capacities in the knowledge-based society incentive to creativity and learning through the use of latest technologies, and provide the society with professional and creative skills and higher ethics.


The Public Relations and Media Department seeks to achieve the main objectives of the PY in line with the KSU Strategic Plan, taking into account that some of these objectives take time while some other objectives should be added to cope up with phases of development. These objectives are:

  1. To highlight creative thinking and skillful education which stand for the PY philosophy and methodology contributing to building excellent generation capable of giving and creativity;
  2. To enhance the utilization of other individuals and institutions’ expertise  through holding good communication, constructive dialogue with all social stakeholders such as educational sectors, governments offices, research centers, specialists, and parents;
  3. To shed light on the different activities by the PY and how they keep abreast of latest developments at the national and international levels, as well as highlighting the PY achievements in all arenas;
  4. To enhance human relationships among the PY staff through holding some cultural and social functions that deepen the sense of belonging to the PY;
  5. To maintain media presence in the academia in a way that reflects the PY posture;
  6. To introduce the PY potentials, programs, and development projects to the society with a view to attracting more students;
  7. To use different media in positive communication with all social sectors through spreading news items and true information about the educational and academic programs that achieve social responsibility;
  8. To follow up means of communication and utilize scientific perspectives to identify the PY needs and requirements;
  9. To conduct studies on the tendencies by the students and parents and PY staff towards the PY in terms of programs and projects.