Public Relations and Media Department

The Public Relations and Media Department seeks to play an effective role in highlighting the educational and academic entity of the Preparatory Year. This will be achieved in accordance with an integrated system governed by social responsibility in line with the educational policy of the Kingdom. The department is the link that connects all the internal and external departments of the PY. It is the window through which the PY sees the world and presents its activities and programs through different media with a view to building good reputation and an ideal picture of the PY. The department seeks to deepen relations with all other departments to achieve excellent productivity, enhance principles of optimal communication, and observe social norms, values, ethics, and good performance. The department works on creating a positive image of the university. It seeks to build bridges of cooperation with all sections, which will help in introducing the PY message and its goals. It is an active department that cements the positive concepts about the PY and creates a distinctive image of its social and media activities.

The Public Relations and Media Department covers all the information services in terms of news coverage, shots, stories to the Press and TV channels through publishing on the PY website with a higher degree of transparency and immediacy across different media.

Public Relations and Media Department Manager