Student Activities Unit

Universities play an important role in educating young generations and providing them with good habits and behaviors. Hence universities are interested in setting programs and activities for students to make use of their time and instill important aspects in their character. Education is not just spoon-feeding facts to students. It is rather a constructive process to build the different dimensions of students’ character, promote the sense of social responsibility and raise self-esteem.

Students engage in the programs and activities organized by the university where they interact with each other, exchange and learn new types of human behavior, acquire positive experiences, and develop sense of responsibility and self-reliance. Students learn these things while engaged in common activities.

Extra-curricular activities are a compelling necessity for university life. They provide a platform for students’ skills, capabilities, and preferences in all the cultural, social, sport, scientific, scouting, and economic aspects based on strong foundations of Islam.

The impact of these activities on the students’ character and culture is unmistakable. They develop a wide range of good relations and broad knowledge different from other students who are not engaged in these activities.

Chair of Student Activities Unit