Advising Unit

Dear students

The PY Student Advising Unit aims to creat an educational environment supportive of positive conduct and helpful to students in orientation and constructive integration in the functions and activities held by the PY. Students are provided with every possible help to overcome their academic, psychological, behavioral, and social problems in a way that will be reflected in their class performance and academic achievement. The academic and psychological dimensions were taken into account on establishing the unit. A number of advising programs were set to crystalize the PY vision, mission, and objectives. The unit has a number of advisers in different courses who assume many responsibilities such as introducing students to the course in terms of content, credit hours, and academic requirements, as well as the best ways to success and excellence. Continuous work is done to help students overcome difficulties and problems, acquire the knowledge required for applying methodologies, obtain the learning skills, and get acquainted with methods of assessment. Emphasis is also laid on the course activities, learning resources, attendance policy, mark distribution according to course weights, and means of calculating the GPA.

Supervisor of Student Advising Unit