About the Unit

The Student Affairs Unit is one of the supporting units under the umbrella of the PY Vice-Deanship for Student Services

Vision: Leadership and excellence in providing student affairs services to the PY students.

Mission: The Student Affairs Unit seeks to offer an integrated model in facilitating student services and preparing excellent graduates.


  1. Providing excellent services compatible with quality standards;
  2. Realizing discipline, seriousness, and sense of responsibility;
  3. Assisting students in coping up with university life;
  4. Administering  justice and realizing equality in the University community;
  5. Raising awareness about university rules and regulations;
  6. Promoting E-communication with students;
  7. Providing assistance to other departments vis-à-vis student affairs;
  8. Enhancing the efficiency of the unit staff.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Solving registration problems facing students in the beginning of each academic year;
  2. Coordinating timetables to the best interest of students within regulations and availability;
  3. Providing the academic departments with students’ lists and study timetables;
  4. Preparing the lists of denied students  and marks’ entry;
  5. Processing students’ transactions such as re-registration, dropping and withdrawal, dropping a semester, make-up exams, removing students from the denied list, transfer of credits, discipline committee affairs, student rights affairs, etc.
  6. Orienting students with academic departments, university regulations, study systems, and PY by-laws;
  7. Organizing meetings for orienting PY staff with the PY rules and regulations;
  8. Proving students with services such as issuing university cards, issuing identification letters, travel vouchers, letters to health institutions, and printing timetables and academic records.