Academic Affairs

Message from the Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs

Based on our belief that students are in the center of the education process, the Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs seeks to raise the quality of academic programs through providing excellent educational services that enable student acquire knowledge and master the skills required for the marketplace.

Topping priorities of the Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs are promoting academic services rendered to students, improving the education process and following up its progress, and providing the services incentive to education and learning. This is maintained in direct supervision of the education process at the academic departments while steering them towards realizing the University objectives. The Vice-Deanship is interested in creating the congenial environment for education and learning, providing all the physical and human resources required and equipping classrooms with all facilities and services. This goes in line with recruiting distinguished professionals of a high caliber to meet the academic programs’ needs for experts in all fields, which will make study a real success and fun, and help students acquire knowledge and the skills targeted.


Dr. Hosam Mohamed Al-Awad

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs