Parking System

The deanship has allocated a permanent parking space with a number for each student during his study in PY so to enhance his feeling of discipline and order. These parking spaces have the advantage of being close to the building where the student has the right to park in during his study in PY which spares him the trouble of looking for a parking space each morning. Now, all he has to do is to abide by the rules of PY parking spaces.
  • The parking lot is divided into zones, each of which has a different color (see the parking lot map) but the same as the entrance card color.
  • These zones are subdivided into lanes that constitute the numbered parking spaces. Each parking space has four areas. The first left-hand area represents the basic zone ( e.g. A), the second area represents the lane within the zone ( e.g. A3) and the third and fourth areas represent the number of the parking space ( e.g. A316). "The parking lot map" illustrates the parking spaces and their numbers in the different zones. 
  • Odd numbers are usually located to the right while the even numbers are on the left.

The Distribution of the Parking Spaces

Deanship Parking Spaces:

  • A1, A3 and A5 are for the members of the deanship.
  • A6 is for visitors to the deanship.
  • B, C and P are all for services and educational establishments.

Students' Parking Spaces (by reservation):

  • D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5.
  • From F1 to O2 (South).

Students' Parking Spaces (Open, no reservation):

  • From F2 to O2 (South).
  • E (West).

Special Parking Spaces:

  • A2 and A4 (with fees as illustrated on the map). A student, if he wants, can reserve the required parking space and pay the fees of the academic year.
  • Students with special needs will be given parking spaces allocated to them by the deanship provided that they provide an official document proves their disability. 
  • There are parking spaces allocated to members of active committees, such as the counseling committees and clubs presidents, given by the deanship. 
  • To protect the environment and reduce pollution, there will be special parking spaces for students who carpool (called friends of the environment). They are given a special parking space with one entrance card by the deanship.


General Instructions:

  • If a student wants to have a parking space with a fee, he first reserves the parking space and then pays the fees to PY deanship, office 1555.
  • Special parking spaces (for students with special needs, elites, friends of the environment, counseling committees, clubs presidents…etc.) are given by the PY deanship provided that the student shows document of his right to the above-mentioned ones. As for friends of the environment, they are given the parking space after they all come in person to sign the pledge and show their academic IDs. 
  • One entrance card is allocated for each parking space. The entrance card has the parking space number and the current year written. It is associated with the student and the parking space but it has nothing to do with the car since the student can come with any car and park with the same card. 
  • The deanship is not responsible for the cars and what they contain in the parking lot.
  • The parking spaces may be used only in the study days and times.
  • A student cannot waiver his parking space to another under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • The student is charged 10 Riyals for issuing a replacement for his lost parking lot card. 

How to reserve a parking space:

  • Check the parking lot map to choose the desired parking space.
  • Go to the Online Academic Portal on:
  • Sign in and then click on "Students' Parking Lot".
  • Provide the information required for this page: the number of either your driving license or vehicle registration card.
  • Choose a zone, lane and then the parking space.
  • After deciding on which parking space you want, click on "reserve" and then print the pledge, read it carefully and then sign it. (You can reserve a parking space and log in later to print the pledge). 
  • To receive the parking lot card from PY deanship, a student must hand in the pledge and show his academic ID.
  • Attention: A student can reserve a parking space only once. He can go back and change the parking space he chose with another available if and only if he does not click on "reserve". However, if he wants to change the parking space after reserving one, he should contact the deanship to cancel the reservation from the system, which will keep him from reserving another until the process is completed.

Collecting your parking lot card:

Parking lot cards are collected from the public relations and mass communication administration located in first floor, office no. 1555.


Traffic offences committed by students will be written down in the students’ academic records. Students are going to be punished according to the PY deanship rules in which two traffic offences equal one academic violation. According to the rules of PY ethics, a student is suspended from PY if he commits three academic violations.

Traffic offences include the following:

  • Parking inappropriately in or outside the parking space or in “no parking” areas ( e.g. parking on or along the pavement).
  • Parking the car outside the parking lot boundary lines ( i.e. parking in the surrounding streets).
  • Parking a car without showing the parking lot card.
  • Not parking the car in the space allocated and stated on the parking lot card.
  • Waivering or giving your parking lot card to someone else, or having others using your own parking space.
  • Annoying others in any way ( in case neighbors of the PY building complain from any car violating the rules, it will be regarded as a traffic offence).
  • Inappropriate manners with supervisors and security men.
  • Misusing parking spaces and not throwing trash its cans.