Knowledge Building

In the light of the modern EDUCATIONAL tools and the highest potentials available, PY building is designed to match the aspiration of KSU to motivate students to give the best performance possible so that they compete with their colleagues around the world.

The PY building is considered a distinguished building technically. It is called the Knowledge Building for the high technology it is equipped with to help develop the EDUCATIONAL process. The building consists of three levels.

The Building Divisions:


The building consists of three levels. Due to its spacious area, the building is divided into four zones along with the fifth zone: the central axis. Each zone is given a different color to facilitate moving around the building. 
Filling in the Blanks with Numbers:
Each blank consists of a four-digit number each of which has a significance that helps lead to the specified blank.

  • The first number on the left represents the floor in which the blank is located.
  • The second number specifies the zone the blank located in.
  • The third number guides us to the corridor of the blank.
  • The fourth , and last, number signifies the succession of the blank in the corridor.

Your Guide to the Knowledge Building: The Building Maps:

Technological Equipment of the Building: