Deans Message

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings on His Messenger.

Dear students,

We are witnessing a major mobility of developments in the nation’s University where the dreams of the past came true, the cherished ambitions were achieved, and the visionary expectations of leaders and thinkers came into being. After five years of giving and excellence, the Common first  Year can justifiably take pride in its existence as one of the great achievements made by dedicated Saudis. This academic edifice was built for the best interest of the country and citizen-building. It was not built for luxury, but it was rather dictated by the compelling necessity to respond to key national interests and meet big global changes.

In this accelerated tempo of today’s world where we need to cope with the latest developments, we have to promote ideas and build citizens aware of their responsibilities and loyal to their religion and country. Our aspirations need us to seriously consider our steps and join hands to build the bridges of hope for a bright future that dispels our fears and concerns. 

We actually have the capabilities, the capacities, the skills, the ideas, and our youth who are full of energy and vividness. They are our real investments to build tomorrow’s Kingdom in line with creativity, innovation, leadership, and excellence.

This road needs you to exert more efforts and show more discipline. The CFY environment incentive to creativity was mainly based for this purpose. You will recognize the significance of this point when you enter your real life equipped with a huge reservoir of knowledge, skills, and morals that will make you qualified to lead in a very competitive world.

This needs you to absorb the CFY mission, objectives, regulations and by-law to avoid misconceptions that may take you away from realizing your goals and ambitions. The resources you have in the CFY have been available only because of the Kingdom leaders’ trust placed in you to make a big difference in your life and in your country. You are expected to put your country on a par with developing countries. To be up to this expectation, you are undoubtedly required to shoulder your responsibility.

Wishing you all the best.







                   Dr: Abdulmajeed Aljeraiwi                  

               Dean of the Common First Year