Dean of Common First Year

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings on His last Messenger, Prophet Mohammad, his family members and companions.

Dear students 

The current age is witnessing continuous changes and great developments in all domains of life accompanied by global competition in various scientific fields. This dictates that everyone should shoulder their responsibilities and carry them out in the best possible way with a view to facing these challenges on the one hand and being active partners in achieving the Kingdom Vision 2030 on the other hand.

The leadership and excellence we are cherishing need strong determination and orchestrated efforts. We have the potential and capacity. You are full of enthusiasm and vitality. Based on your skills and creativity, you are our real investment.

This road ultimately needs you to exert more efforts and show more diligence in order to make a paradigm shift and leave an excellent impact for your country. The Common First Year environment is very supportive. You will appreciate this when you launch your career with the scientific and professional background that qualifies you to achieve more success.

A proper understanding of the CFY mission, objectives, rules and regulations will save you from incorrect practices that take you away from realizing your goals and ambitions. The CFY potentials and facilities are made available because we have strong confidence in your ability to make positive and favorable changes in your lives and in the Kingdom.

May Allah assist you and guide your steps on the road of knowledge and experience that will turn you into active players in the Kingdom’s development process, realizing its vision and meeting its expectations.

Wishing you all the best.










Dr: Abdulmajeed Aljeraiwi                  

Dean of the Common First  Year​