Dean of Preparatory Year


Praise be to Allah, and enough peace on the Prophet Mustafa and after, my brothers and sisters of students live today mobility evolutionarily significant in the home university, dreams of yesterday it has become today's realities which made achievements, saw the light after it was visions of dreamy in the imagination of leaders and thinkers of the people of this country. Today, after five years of giving and excellence, to the right of this scientific edifice that boasts perches Cummings of the achievements of this great nation actively loyal sons. Prepared for the home and building citizen, meaning it was not a luxury; it is the urgency required by the major interest of large global variables.
How do we and the world around us live great acceleration, to rise to keep up with modern developments, develop ideas, and build human conscious prudent belonging to his religion and his nation. What ambushed him today needs to be a serious stand with the self, and the combination of everyone coming together to extend bridges of hope; tomorrow bright River above our fears, internal and our concerns.

We all praise and gratitude be to Allah, have the capacity and energy, talent and ideas, and we have a young vibrant and dynamic, real understanding of our investment; in order to be home to several building the future according to the creativity, innovation, leadership and excellence system.

There is no doubt that this is the way, Dear Students need you to make the effort, diligence, discipline, preparatory environment is supportive of creativity based on it, and you will realize the extent and importance of such a large impact, when you enter the life process and you possessed the asset cognitive and Mharria and behaviorally, Aahlkm ably to enter the day that witnessed the world great rivalry.

This requires you to understand and absorb the message and goals of the preparatory year, and the rules and regulations; so you will be safe from erroneous interpretations, which Tbadkm from achieving your goals and ambitions, what is prepared for you in this great scientific edifice of possibilities, what used to be to not trust the country's leaders in you and your ability to make a a major shift in your life and in your home; for you will be in the ranks of developed countries, and this undoubtedly requires you to be a measure of trust and responsibility.

Wishing you good luck and success.


Dr. Nami Al Jehani
Dean of the Preparatory Year​